Elevate Lagree Megaformer

I like to workout.

So when traveling, I also love to keep up with my fitness routine, both for my mental & physical health. But ALSO because it is SO fun to check out other cities sweat spots and fitness studios.

Needless to say, I definitely tried a few while I was in San Diego. And I’ve laid out the details so you know what you’re in for. Let’s get into it!

Elevate Training Pilates

First, you should know that I love lagree. If you’ve never taken a class, know that this workout is based on pilates and makes use of a megaformer. It is all about slow controlled movements and targeting itty bitty muscles fibres, which helps you to develop that ‘long & lean’ physique. If you’re new to this style of workout, I’m going to warn you it takes a few classes to master the moves and to transition with ease, hang in there, you’ll get it!

Since I’m such a big fan of this workout, when I saw local SD fitness peeps showing up here on the regular, I KNEW I needed to take a class. In fact, I liked it so much I took two classes over my five day stay.

I took both Salina and Kelsey’s class and they each offered different workouts, as is common of Lagree. It’s kind of like yoga in that respect, there are a variety of moves you can do on a megaformer, so the instructor will select a series as they see fit. This studio also makes use of hand weights, which was different for me and uber challenging.

This was a total burn of a workout and I loved the vibe and welcomeness of the studio. I’d 100% go back.

Elevate Selfie


Pure Indoor Cycling

If you like spin, you’re going to want to get your butt to Pure. Now this studio does focus on rhythm style classes, similar to Soulcycle (which I love), but I’d say it’s a little more inclusive. They are pretty chill about various fitness levels and while Carissa, who’s class I attended, was incredible and on beat the whole class, her instruction was more positive vibes and less drill sergeant. I know I found the challenge I needed, but I also think someone who is new to this style of spin would feel welcome. Can’t wait to come back and sweat it out to the beat.

Pure StudioPure Indoor Space

The Dailey Method

Okay so, I need to be upfront and share that I did visit Dailey Method in their temporary space. So while I found the location to be amazing, I can’t speak to that moving forward. What I will say, is that based on my experience in their temporary space, I can only imagine how wonderful their classes would be in their full capacity.

If you’re not familiar, Dailey Method combines pilates, yoga, and ballet barre training to create a unique workout focused on strength & alignment.

I took their Basics class with Ashley, which I was a little reluctant to go to, as I’ve taken many a barre class before… but it was all that fit into my schedule, so off I went. To my surprise, I found it super challenging, as this one focuses on less transitions, but instead, holding positions longer to really grasp the correct muscle activations for each move.

I found this super helpful for my own form and alignment and really appreciated Ashley’s detailed instruction. And, given the circumstances, it being a ‘barre’ class with no actual bar, Ashley really got us to sweat! I can’t wait to visit them again in their new home.

Dailey Method SD

Seaside Run

This one is self explanatory, but along the downtown side of the water runs a pedestrian path and it is lovely. 

I highly recommend lacing up your sneaks and hitting this one for a run. Bonus, you can go at your own pace and run as far (or as short) as you like. Plus, you can totally stop to explore Seaside Village’s shops & ‘catch your breath’. Or finish your workout by stepping into one of the many waterside restaurants along the way, because you’ll obviously need to to re-fuel!

San Diego Seaside


On my list for next time


Salina at Elevate told me all about Renegade. It sounds hard as hell and apparently has you run through various stations making use of treadmills, assault bikes, dumbells, kettle bells & suspension training. You can bet I’m game to sweat my *ss off here.

Yoga six

I first heard about this place through some local bloggers, and I know they offer all kinds of yoga & strength training classes. Their focus is on diversity in movement & intensity so you can continually progress, while avoiding plateaus & allowing the body to repair itself. Plus their boutique studios look beautiful! I’m most excited about their Hot & Vinyasa classes.


I will be sure to update this list the next I visit and keep you posted on any new & noteworthy spots. I would love to know if you’ve been to any of the above, and if you have any other spots worth visiting, please share with me here!


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