Another month come and gone!

June’s Must Have’s consisted mainly of skin & beauty products for me! I’m always working towards glowing skin & a solid beauty regime.

However, I’ve been focusing on clean & sustainable beauty much more these days, both for my own well being & that of the planet.

My new Lisse Shave Rose Gold Safety Razor is without a doubt the prettiest razor I’ve owned

First up, Lisse Shave’s Safety razor! This is a much more sustainable option than plastic disposable alternatives and it’s a closer shave too, so I actually find myself shaving less often! Plus, it feels SO much more luxurious, like an act of self care rather than an annoying task I need to do in order to wear shorts. Lisse Shave also happens to be a Canadian, woman run, small business, and who doesn’t want to support that? I’m going to share her generous discount code for 15% off your order, should you decide to treat yourself. Just enter rebeccagreentree at checkout.

Currently loving Verb’s new Dry Shampoo Formula for light hair

Verb’s dry shampoo is in an aerosol can, and I know that’s a no-no. But their original formula was the first dry shampoo that semi worked on my fine blonde hair so I knew I needed to try their new formula when they released it. I’m a big fan! However, I will continue to seek out other options in more planet friendly packaging. Feel free to share any vegan ones you love in the comments below.

Can’t get over how dewy my skin is after switching to Pai’s Oil Cleanser

I was actually SO nervous about oil cleansers! But after having tried a few samples from different brands, I was ready to commit. I have dry combo skin, but from what I know, oil cleansers can actually be great for all skin types (even oily skin). They cleanse without stripping your skin of natural oils, which is problematic because our skin then works over time to produce more oils. I’ve been seriously loving how my skin looks & feels after using Pai’s Rose Hip Oil Cleanser for the last few weeks.

This Deborah Lippman Cuticle Remover works like magic for the quickest mani ever!

Oh my gosh, Deborah Lippman’s Cuticle Remover might actually be my new favorite thing! As a rule, I like to get regular manicures, it’s something I treat myself to that makes me happy & feel put together. But I also take breaks to let my nails breathe and ensure they stay strong. And sometimes I still clean up my cuticles in between manicures because I just love the look of fresh hands. Plus it stops me from biting at the skin around my nails, I know, gross habit. Anyways, this stuff works like magic, no soaking required, you literally apply, push back your cuticles and trim away the excess stuff it bubbles up. It’s actually the coolest and quickest thing.

I can’t stop eating Herbaland’s new Collagen Booster vegan gummies

Now last but not least, Herbaland’s Vegan Collagen Booster Gummies I had actually been hoping to find vegan collagen boosting anything in the supplement market for at least a year, but most collagen supplements come from animal bone or marine life and there was nothing in the vegan realm. These gummies contain vitamins that help you boost your own natural production of collagen, since it slows once we reach the age of twenty five. But they also come in watermelon candy form, which is the best way to take a supplement ever because I never forget to eat candy! And since I’m now a Herbaland Ambassador, you can use code rebeccagreentree15 & save 15% on your order!

Other than that, I’ve been patiently awaiting warmer weather as Vancouver has yet another case of June Gloom! But it’s okay, because indoor time has me obsessing over the new season of Big Little Lies, binge watching Insecure & Dead To Me and pinning up a storm as I get ready to book everything for our wedding over the coming months.

I hope you found my favorites fun! Please feel free to share anything you’re currently loving in the comments too!

Looking forward to summer & wishing you a wonderful July – xx