Full disclosure, I am not a morning person.

But this past spring I noticed (or rather my bf noticed) I was waking up grumpy… Like a lot.

I don’t consider myself a ‘moody’ person and this attitude was definitely out of character for my usual bubbly self, so I decided to take action to ensure I was starting my day on the right foot.

It’s been an evolution, but for the past six months, everyday, I’ve committed to creating space for me, and I’m so much happier, and more productive because of it.

So, what exactly does my morning ritual entail?

First, I wake up & practice a guided meditation via an app on my phone. There are so many free & paid apps for meditations. I started out my meditation journey using headspace & I now use Insight Timer, as I feel it has unlimited options for my personal needs (Plus it’s free!). Depending on how much time I’ve got, I meditate for anywhere between 10 & 15 minutes. I do this alone, in a cozy corner in our living room, usually before my boyfriend is up.

Oracle Cards:
After my meditation I always feel a little more grounded & awake. Next I pull an oracle card, which I use as a daily affirmation for the day, something to reflect upon & also to go back to if I find myself in a moment of tension or stress later in the day.

Gabby Bernstein Oracle Cards can be found here & marble phone case, here.

There are so many things we have to be grateful for, but it’s often we forget to reflect on these wonders. So, each morning I take a few minutes to think about 3 things I’m grateful for. Sometimes they’re simple things, like swooning over my new nail color, and other times they might be big things, like how lucky I feel to spend all day everyday working from home, alongside my best friend. I just let whatever comes to mind flow out of me. This is also where I found the oracle cards helped to invoke some thought into my groggy, ‘just woke up’, brain.

Write It Down:
Then, I write it all down. My oracle card affirmation & the three things I’m grateful for that morning. I found this solidified my thoughts, and I’ve also enjoyed being able to look back at all these amazing gratitudes.

Simple as that

I hope this helps some of you looking for something to re-set your mornings. And if any of you have a morning ritual, I would love to know what it is that works for you?