I’ve been thinking about the things people either ask me the most, or that I personally found to be a hurtle or surprise when I made the switch from vegetarian to vegan, and I thought to myself, gosh it would have been nice if someone had divulged these resources to me back then!

So here it is! I’ve put together my short list of ‘new vegan’ resources just for you xx


For up to date information regarding vegan health and living a plant based diet, these are my favourite & most frequented resources.

Nutrition Facts org


Dr. Michael Greger, an internationally-recognized lecturer, physician, and author of How Not To Die is the founder of this non profit video nutrition information site and podcast series! He dives into research that shows the correlation between diet & disease (in case you’re on the fence about the benefits of plant based eating) and presents information in laymen terms… Which can be REAL helpful for those of us who aren’t science nerds.

Pamela Fergusson


A Registered Dietician, with a PHD in Nutrition, Dr. Pamela speaks to all kinds of questions about eating plant based and living a vegan lifestyle with nutrition based facts. A true wealth of knowledge, I always enjoy perusing her blog articles, and listening to podcasts in which she is featured.

Vegan Food & Drink:

For starters, if you eat out, even if it’s a rarity, you’re going to want to download these apps; Happy Cow (also a website) & if you’re a Vancouver local Gomae.

Happy Cow


Both an app and a website, Happy Cow lists both vegetarian & vegan restaurants, in addition to places with ‘veg-options’ AND stores that will carry either, or both types of products. Members leave reviews & pictures, and once you get going you can share your feedback too! This app is also global, I’ve used it all across the US, and even while traveling through Italy & Greece!

Gomae (Vancouver Only)


A must have for any vegan Vancouverite! It gives you the do’s & don’ts of what to order (or how to modify a dish) to eat vegan all throughout the city. Trust me, this makes eating at all your global skillet, fast casual spots like Earls, Cactus Club & Browns SO much simpler. And there are TONS of restaurants. You can add your own tips here, same as Happy Cow, and you totally should. After all, we’re all in this together 🙂

P.S. They also have a Vancouver Meal Delivery Service purely boasting local vegan foods Gomae Meal Prep

Vegan Supply


The haven for all foods that fall under the vegan category! If you’re a lower mainland local, make a trip to one of their stores! But if not, or if you’re lazy, you can easily order online and ship globally! They have literally every kind of food you can think of in vegan form, from snacks, to cheeses, to frozen foods, treats & more!


Where are my winos at?! Kidding (well, sort of). While this might be the last thing you worry about as a new vegan, Barnivore is a great resource for all things vegan booze! Curious? You might start by simply checking to see whether your old favorites are considered vegan… As a rule I don’t stress much about whether my alcohol is vegan, as I’m not one to refuse a glass at friends on occasion (which for me it is, as I only really drink once or twice a month). But when I do buy alcohol I stick to vegan bottles according to this site as I like contributing my dollars to create change AND I also use this to check for vegan wines on restaurant menus, because sometimes the vegan gods really are looking out for us!

Vegan Products & Beauty

Logical Harmony


Your guide to cruelty free, vegan beauty! Tashina curates and updates an extensive list of cruelty free brands and further, defines which brands products are and are not vegan. It’s true, just because a company does NOT test on animals, does not mean they do not use animals derivatives in the products themselves! Her site is super user friendly and searchable, it’s like a vegan beauty encyclopedia! She also covers an array of household products, so you can look for vegan options when cleaning your home! I’d encourage you to take a look at which of your go to products are and aren’t vegan and then search for vegan alternatives (to those that aren’t) for when you’ve used everything up and are ready to make new purchases.

Ethical Elephant


Ethical Elephant, while not as expansive as Logical Harmony, also boasts plenty of cruelty free & vegan specific beauty brands, and has searchable lists like Drugstores Brands & Sephora Beauty etc. She shares shopping guides for beauty by category too, so if your ISO a new lipstick, you can head right to her ‘Lips’ section! She even shares her picks for vegan lifestyle brands from bags, to shoes, clothes & more!

There you have it! This list is short but sweet as these truly are my go to’s! If you’ve already found some favourites, I’d LOVE to know what they are! Come share in the comments, or tell me what resources you’re still ISO.

Hope this helps!

Rebecca xx