Here it is,

A Vancouver Repertoire of my Favourite Cafes!

Take it from a girl that loves me a coffee & a treat, after living in Vancouver for all of 7 years, I’ve come to seriously appreciate some local hotspots who not only offer a quality caffeinated beverage, but also offer a vegan option or two.


A studio, shop & cafe all in one, Turf has everything you need, for pretty much a full day of work or play. If I may, I’d suggest starting the day by taking a workout class in their adjoining studio, shower up & then peruse their shop for ethical & local clothes, gifts & goodies. Finish by grabbing a coffee and a snack to sit and work, or dive on in and order brunch or lunch, and sit for a lengthy catch up with a friend. I personally love doing both!

Vegan Eats

This place is predominantly vegan, but does serve milk & eggs and also have a side meatball dish on the menu for your friends who simply cannot survive a vegan date. They stock everything from Erin Ireland’s It’s Do Die For goodies, to woman run, Yellow Basket Baking croissants & plenty of in house treats, like snacks, smoothies, salads & bowls, in addition to house made almond & walnut milks!

Turf Vancouver

Turf VancouverOlive & Ruby Cafe

Locally owned & run, Olive & Ruby is an adorable hidden gem on Broadway. It always feels bright & sunny, no matter how gloomy the weather. It’s also entirely instagram worthy inside. If that’s your thing. If not, your belly is still sure to be satisfied.

Vegan Eats

Their Vegan Kale Caesar is favourite of mine (hard tie with Heirloom) amongst other salads. They’ve also just launched their own in house baking and they now have SO many more options, both on the savoury bread front (by way of loaves, sandwiches & toasts) and in the sweet terrain, think apple turnovers & so much more!

Be Fresh

Owned & operated by local sustainable grocery delivery service, Spud, Be Fresh is a chain of cafes you can find throughout Vancouver. My personal favourite is their 1st & Cypress Market, which sits inside a large windowed corner shop on a quiet corner street in Kitsilano. They have fresh groceries to shop as well, so you can sit, eat, work, socialize, and then pick up everything you need to make dinner at home… Or if you’re feeling lazy you can grab something equally fresh and delicious from their ready made selection of salads, sandwiches and entrees.

Vegan Eats

Get down on their Rainbow Vegetable Hummus Wrap, Asian Edamame Salad, or my personal favourite, the Tofu Texas Salad. They also stock Two Daughter Bake Shop scones & cookies, Yellow Basket Baking croissants (the cinnamon twist is unreal), as well as homemade almond milk.

Seriously, don’t forget to peruse their grocery shelf for snacks before you go. They’ve got crackers, nuts, chips, protein bars etc. And if you can’t decide, I’m telling you now, you can’t go wrong with Herbaland Protein Gummies or Kapow Now Nocheez Crackers!


Bump N Grind

Effortlessly cool, Bump N Grind (South Granville is my preferred locale) sits amidst shops & restaurants, and goes almost unnoticed. From the outside, it appears quite small, or even smaller than it is in actuality, as it is long and narrow. Minimalist in its decor, this place is a very chill spot for a quick meeting, or to check an email or two… As it isn’t too big, I never stay too long. But, it’s always worth my while to pop in for a coffee & a bite.

Vegan Eats

Here you can expect almond milk, vegan muffins, scones, cookies, bars & a vegan burrito!


Aphrodite’s Cafe

Aphrodites Organic Pie Shop, not be confused by their cafe (which is truly more a restaurant, and the Pie shop more a cafe). Regardless, I love the original dwelling (before they split up into separate pie shop & aforementioned cafe), because it sits in a heritage building on a cute street corner and it’s one of those old Vancouver spots that has come to stand the test of time. It isn’t trendy and new, but cozy & old, with a mishmash of retro tables, chairs, and lamps that are reminiscent of grandmas living room. And, honestly, they’ve been doing pie & sweets for too long to question any of their goods.

Vegan Eats

Their pie & chai combo is a must! This isn’t an all vegan place, but they have an array of  vegan squares & snacks as well as both slices & full pies (No judgement here!) that are available vegan, including some which are both vegan & gluten free! Their vegan pie selections includes apple, blackberry apple, blueberry, strawberry rhubarb, raspberry rhubarb, cherry & pumpkin! Just note they don’t have vegan ice cream, so if you’re desperate for that duo, best take yours to go and grab a dairy free pint on the way home.

Glory Juice

Because we’re talking coffee here, order yourself a sunflower seed milk americano misto when you visit Glory Juice (Note: not all locations have an espresso bar)! Just do it. This isn’t a sit & linger spot, but it’s great for takeaway or a short catch up or meeting, as seating is limited.

Vegan Eats: Almond milk, sunflower seed milk (this is my favourite thing, just try it!). Nearly all their foods! Just be sure to look out for honey on toasts & bowls, which you CAN easily ask them to omit it from any order. If in doubt, just order the Creamy Nutty.



Perfect for a special occasion or girls meet up, maybe you’re sharing big news or meeting with a new baby. Nourish is a great space for a quiet or intimate meeting as it’s namely a space for their cooking school so it has a limited menu, and limited hours, be sure to check before you head there.

Vegan Eats

No shortage of almond milk for your latte needs, in addition to an assortment of salads, a vegan lentil soup, vegan tofu banh mi sandwich, and even their crepes (savoury & sweet) can be made vegan!

JJ Bean

Yes, I know. There are only like a million JJ Bean‘s in Vancouver, but their beans are still by far my favourite & there’s something about their cool understated vibe that works, its consistent and you always know what you’re getting.

So I’m calling it a good spot to sit & work away. I can attest to this as I’ve spent many hours here writing papers, working on projects and now most regularly, editing videos and compiling blog posts.

While it may not be the ‘trendiest’ spot in town, I feel like these guys have and always will be here, with great wifi, excellent coffee, decent grab & go bites & long hours so you can burn through the midnight oil (not literally though, they aren’t quite open THAT late…)

Vegan Eats

Consider them stocked. They’ve got almond milk and a handful of sweets including their chocolate zucchini, very berry & blueberry bran muffins, a banana loaf AND their vegan Casablanca wrap… Need I say more?



I personally love Prado Fir Street’s outdoor space in Vancouver’s summer months, as it’s  just a block from Granville Island & there’s always bikers and joggers about, it’s a perfect sit & people watch kind of place. The inside is cute too! It’s small, so you may just have to wait for a seat.

Vegan Eats

They’ve got some quality creamy homemade almond milk, and a deadly black bean brownie. Seriously, if they have them when you go, just order it because these things sell out nearly every morning and it’s a fudgy vegan slice of heaven you won’t regret. I also eat their vegan apricot cookie pretty often, it reminds me of oatmeal and it’s not too sweet, it’s really more like a mookie & its HUGE (See it below). And if you’re wanting lunch, they also have their Mint Pea Avocado Smash on toast!


Bird’s & The Beets

Birds & The Beets is actually just adorable. It’s so homey, but serene. Like a little oasis of sunshine in the middle of chaotic gastown. I could easily sit, eat and socialize, or people watch my day away here, and I have no doubt you’ll want to do the same!

Vegan Eats

They’ve got your non dairy milk, including oat milk, which is a rarity in Vancouver! Their lunch is solid and you should definitely eat their vegan smoked tofu banh mi, it is incredible, as are their salads!

Where are YOUR favourite spots for a coffee & a vegan bite in Vancouver?! Would love to know in the comments, so I can add to my must try list xx